SCoV-2 Detect(tm) IgM ELISA

Posted by anna on April 13, 2022 

The SCoV-2 Detect(tm) IgM ELISA is a qualitative immunoassay used to measure the concentration of IgM antibodies to SCoV-2 related antigens. The test is conducted using a TMB substrate and the absorbance measurement is performed at 450 nanometers. Each kit is designed to evaluate up to 90 specimens and includes duplicate controls for accuracy. The test takes approximately one hour and 50 minutes to complete.

The IgM ELISA has poor sensitivity and specificity for leptospirosis. Although the World Health Organization recommends this test, recent studies in Laos, Vietnam, and Hawaii have demonstrated that it has low diagnostic accuracy, possibly because a variable proportion of apparently healthy individuals are seronegative. The accuracy of the test is determined by a receiver operating characteristic curve. The cutoff value is determined by comparing serum samples taken before and after the incubation period. Cleaning the plate is an important step and an ELISA washer is available.

Although the IgM ELISA is widely used, data regarding its performance is not readily available in resource-limited countries. For this reason, a study was conducted to evaluate the ELISA against in-house IgM IFA. Results were presented in Table 1.

In the study, 218 healthy blood donors from northeast Thailand provided serum samples for testing. Serum samples were tested with an IgM ELISA for background seropositivity. The log transformed IgM Panbio units were then used to determine the reference range. The geometric mean plus two standard deviations was used to calculate the reference range. In this study, the optimal cutoff value for the IgM ELISA was 5.7 Panbio units, which was more than twice the manufacturer's recommended cutoff value.

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The Human Immunoglobulin M (IgM) ELISA Antibody Pair Kit includes capture and detection antibodies for the quantitative detection of IgM in serum or urine. The kit was calibrated against highly purified human IgA. Additionally, it was evaluated against an unclassified human IgG/IgM/G preperation 67/086. So what is the advantage of using the Human Immunoglobulin M ELISA Antibody Pair Kit?

A Human IgM ELISA Antibody Pair Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform a six-well ELISA. To make the ELISA test more accurate, use a SCoV-2 Antigen Coated Microtiter Strip plate. A parafilm covering over the plate is recommended to block evaporation. The Human IgM ELISA kit is available in two different formats: the SCoV-2 Antigen Coated Microtiter Strip plate, and the pNPP Substrate.

Scrub typhus is a common febrile illness in Nepal. The gold standard of diagnosis is the IgM IFA, but it is difficult to perform in resource-limited countries such as Nepal. An alternative test that is both quick and inexpensive might be the Scrub typhus IgM ELISA. It is also the gold standard for research purposes. But in resource-limited countries, such as Nepal, this test may be the only viable option.

The Human IgM ELISA Kit is part of the SimpleStep ELISA family. It includes anti-human IgM antibody conjugate and TMB substrate for detection. The detection of IgM antibodies in samples is made easier than ever with a simplified ELISA protocol. Incubation with TMB substrate will detect the formation of immune complexes and produce a blue color. If a high-quality human antibody-to-human antibody ELISA kit is required for a specific study, the results can be interpreted easily.

In order to perform a typhoid ELISA test, serum samples should contain a sufficient amount of Salmonella typhi antibodies. The bacteria responsible for typhoid fever affects the entire body. It is an extremely contagious infection of the intestines, and is spread through human waste. Even people with no symptoms can transmit the bacteria and cause an infection.

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